Prof. Kingan’s Calculus

Professor Sandra Kingan

Professor Kingan maintains an Open Educational Resource website for students taking her Calculus I (Math 1201) and Calculus II (Math 1206) courses, where she has posted the syllabi, videos,  and homework problems and partial solutions, on a list of mathematical topics.

She has also written a free Calculus I textbook called Calculus for Everyone. The most updated version was posted on Feb 9, 2018.

You can view Calculus for Everyone pdf online or if you don’t have an internet connection and/or wish to print the book you can download Calculus for Everyone textbook pdf

It may help to read the preface before reading the chapters since that is where I describe my views on how to make Calculus textbooks accessible to a wide audience and discuss the various types of Calculus courses.

If you read the book (or portions of it) or use it in your class, I would love to hear from you. Constructive criticism would be much appreciated. You can send me email at Sandra Kingan (

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